Late Career and Retiree Affinity Group

The Late Career and Retiree Affinity Group (LCR AG) has six subgroups for members to contribute their valued efforts towards the SWE mission and objectives. For more information or to join a subgroup, use the form on the Contact Us page.

Legends SubGroup focuses on advancing visibility of early SWE pioneers including the early Achievement Award Winners. See VideoSign up to volunteer to work on the Legends.

​Conference Engagement SubGroup focuses on developing programming appropriate for LCR AG members at both the annual conferences and the local conferences. See Video.

Local Section Engagement SubGroup focuses on ways for LCR AG members to both connect to each other and to be involved in their local sections. Having an Advisory Council is a great way to both reengage your LCR AG members and to help move the local section forward. The Local Section Engagement Subgroup is happy to share its latest work containing information about forming an Advisory Council for your local section.

Membership SubGroup focuses on attracting new members to the LCR AG and helping current members be aware of the new members.

Connections SubGroup focuses on finding fun activities that members have in common and promoting those activities to all LCR AG members. See Video.

Awards Mentoring focuses on encouraging and supporting LCR AG
members to apply for SWE awards.